Clean your organism from parasites only with these two incredible ingredients

Often attracts you sweet, fast food or other unhealthy meals? Unfortunately for most people (not just kids), there depending sweet. Have you ever wondered – why? There are two main reasons for this addiction. One of them are parasites in the body (the other reason is the stress). When a person eats a lot of sweets, produced in their body conditions for the accumulation of mucus of which begin to proliferate fungi and bacteria. According to statistics, a third of the population suffers from parasites stocked in their body. Usually, a person is not even aware of their presence in his body.

Parasites that live in our bodies take from our energy and other supplements important for the normal function of the body. To compensate, the body requires eating sweet as glucose which has the sweet, gives a quick recharge energy in the body. Also in that form and fat layer, which also acts to protect the organism. Generally, the more parasites – the thick layer of fat.

If you get rid of parasites, your weight will normalise and disappears need for sweet. So, when the parasites will stop you deprive energy disappears and sleepiness, fatigue, the headache will normalise the metabolism and much more. You will see for yourselves.

If you’d like to be treated for parasites or implement prevention, even if you think you do not have any parasites in the body is required twice a year, once every six months. Most effective methods of cleansing the body are popular. One is the following:

Cleansing the body of parasites – flax and cloves.

Flax and cloves are effective in almost all types of parasites. To prepare the mixture for cleaning, it is necessary to take 10 parts linseed and 1 part dried flowers cloves (100 gr. Linseed and 10g. Cloves). Together they are fine powder in coffee grinder or buy minced in store for healthy foods.

Take every day 2 heaped tablespoons over three days. Law may add to the cooked food, a meal, or eat and then drink a cup of warm water (preferably in the morning). After three days of taking this mixture, pause 3 days. Then repeat all over again.

This mixture should be consumed for a month. Do not be a spurs the body’s reaction such as itching, rash, herpes, discoloration of stool, urine or something else. If we notice (not necessarily all), it is a sign that the cleansing of the body is ongoing.

This is a very effective tool. Upon consumption, the mixture remains in your body, exactly, on the walls of the gastrointestinal tract, and the result is that the parasites will be “forced” to leave your body. For improved performance, for the parasites eventually leave your body, recommends using water of flax (3 tablespoons flax topped with boiling water stay overnight and next day should be a strain and consumed the same day) on an empty stomach before you have your breakfast.

For cleansing, the body is good to take Fermented products, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, nuts, spices, parsley, and freshly squeezed juices from fruits and vegetables.

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