Homemade syrup of apple cider vinegar will help to cure inflammation of the sinuses

The apple cider vinegar is an extraordinary cure that attributes miraculous powers and should become part of your daily diet.

It is determined the optimal dose of apple cider vinegar to be taken over a day. It is a solution of 2 tablespoons vinegar in warm, previously boiled water, with the contribution of two tablespoons of honey.

The main ingredient that needs to fight infection is apple cider vinegar. Sinusitis is known as a sinus infection, swelling or inflammation of the tissue lining of the sinuses. This occurs when the sinuses are filled with liquid and germs, instead of air. The most common symptoms of sinusitis are a headache, stuffy nose, loss of smell, cough or obstruction, bad breath and fever.

In this article, you will discover a simple remedy that will help effectively treat this infection. The main ingredient of this remedy is apple cider vinegar, which is full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre. Apple cider vinegar will help to stimulate the immune system and improve overall health.


–   Half cup of clean drinking water,

–   Quarter cup apple cider vinegar,

–   One tablespoon of raw honey,

–   One tablespoon paprika.

–    One squeezed lemon.

How to prepare this syrup:

Boil the water, then pour it into the cup. Add the balsamic vinegar into the cup and stir, then leave to cool to room temperature. After cooling, add honey and paprika and mix again. Finally, into the mixture add the lemon juice and stir well.

If you expect the best results, drink this home remedy on an empty stomach before breakfast and late evening before bedtime.

How can you get apple cider vinegar?

Apples are well washed, stalks removed, then with seeds crushed and grinding in the machine for meat. Along with the juice put in a larger pot or tub. If there is not enough juice, a can of 10 kg of apples to add fourth litres of boiled and cooled water. Then in this amount are added and 100 grammes of sugar, and should be mixed well, the vessel needs to be covered with a clean, multi-folded gauze and leave in a warm place or in the sun. Periodically reviewed and stir. The dish is associated with multi-gas and left the place where the temperature does not fall below 18 degrees Celsius and does not exceed 25 degrees. Fermentation takes 25 to 30 days. On the Sun is anything shorter. After the finalisation of process carefully strain the vinegar and pour into a clean bottle. The colour should be bright yellow and without sediment.

When you notice that the fermentation is complete and the vinegar is acidic enough, the first string strain rarely, and then through the dense sieve or strainer, and finally through the multilayer gauze to obtain a clear liquid. Vinegar is poured into bottles, sealed, stored in a cool, dark place. If after some time due to the vinegar maturation blur or appear sediment should once again be strained through multilayer gauze and again poured into clean bottles. Store in a cool, dark place, shelf life is virtually unlimited.

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