How to stop a heart attack in a minute with only one ingredient?

Did you know that you can stop a heart attack at its roots, with this simple but amazing and miraculous powers of cayenne pepper? It’s true, cayenne pepper can actually prevent heart attacks for exactly zero seconds.

How to use cayenne pepper to quickly prevent a heart attack?

Healers knew as Dr Schulze R.Richard and Dr John Christopher, both doctors of naturopathic medicine has proven the benefits of the cayenne pepper. For example, Dr. John Christopher said that in 35 years of practice and working with people and teaching, he have never lost a patient from a heart attack, and the reason for that is where you come in, if they are still breathing, they prepare a cup of tea from a cayenne pepper, a teaspoon red pepper in a cup of warm water for a few minutes the tea is ready.

It should be noted that these men, healers and many others like them, speak from personal experience, not speculate when referring to this powerful herb. So what are the best practices for using cayenne pepper based on the experiences of those who actually used it?

First, cayenne pepper must be at least 90,000 or 90,000 heat units to be able to prevent a heart attack. If cayenne pepper is at least 90,000 units and the person is still conscious, it is recommended to mix one teaspoon cayenne pepper powder in a glass of warm water, this is essentially a tea paprika, and give it to the person drink.

If the person is unconscious, then it is recommended to use a tincture or extract of cayenne pepper, again with at least 90,000 units and paste the full two drops under the tongue as a loading dose. As stated by Dr Christopher, 35-year practice he never lost a patient with a heart attack if the patient is still breathing while he came and this is his rewriting of cayenne pepper.

Other uses of the cayenne pepper

One of the most useful ways to use the cayenne pepper is a catalyst in other herbal combinations. As a general rule should be added to almost all herbal combinations excluding those classified as Nervina (combinations made specifically for nerve problems). Because it has a stimulating effect on the body, improve blood circulation, thereby causing better absorption and digestion. Because it can improve or increase the efficiency of virtually any herbal formula. In fact, it is often used this way in formulas for arthritis, various female problems, heart or circulation problems, infections, laxatives, diuretics, thyroid problems, ulcers etc.

Nutrient profile of cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper has at least 26 different nutrients. It contains minerals such as selenium, zinc, calcium and magnesium. It also contains vitamins such as vitamin C and vitamin A. Despite this abundance of raw fibres and dietary fibre as well as carbohydrates.

Cayenne pepper seems to be a nitro-glycerine from God when it comes to heart attacks and it would be wise not to leave home without it.

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