Treat and cure your back pains and Sciatica with this powerful ingredient from the kitchen

Gelatine has long found application in the kitchens of our grandmothers used as a means to connect many products, but little is known its curative effect.

Natural collagen

Gelatine is a product of natural origin. It gets processed, tendon, bone, cartilage, namely in processing connective tissue from the Big Horns merchandise. Therefore, due to the origin of the raw materials from which it is made, it was named bovine gelatine. The main ingredient of bovine gelatine is natural collagen. However, apart from collagen, bovine gelatine used two very important amino acids – hidrosiprolin and proline. What is common for all the ingredients that collagen is both essential amino acids have an extremely important role in the construction and restoration of connective tissue such as skin and muscles, tendons and joints and bones.

The primary function of bovine gelatine is in culinary, various kinds of fruit jellies, and fillings for cakes. However, bovine gelatine is used as a cure to treat many health issues.

What can be treated with gelatine?

Given that proved extremely important role in the preservation and restoration of connective tissue, bovine gelatine is used to treat the following disorders:

  • –              Problems with weakness and reduced function of the muscles;
  • –              Problems with the function of the heart muscle;
  • –              Problems with the function of blood vessels;
  • –              In diseased bone and joint systems, such as inflamed and painful conditions of the bones and joints, conditions following injuries, sprains and fracture of bones and joints;
  • –              Problems with the skin condition and health of nails;
  • –              The decrease or slow hair growth;
  • –              The state of reduced elasticity of tendons and ligaments.

Moreover, the use of bovine gelatine positive act preventively in people that have mentioned diseases and conditions and reduces the likelihood of their development in any part of life. It is particularly effective in puberty when the development process of connective tissue, bones and joints has accelerated in the period of menopause in women when it comes to weak bone and occurrence of risk of developing osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

In the case of manifest conditions of these diseases, treatment with bovine gelatine is effective if it is implemented on time or at a stage when the issue had not progressed. If the disease progresses, the efficacy of treatment with bovine gelatine is also guaranteed, but sometimes the treatment needs to be repeated.

How to apply?

A period of 30 days, once a day, particularly in the morning before a meal – breakfast, take a bovine gelatine which is prepared in the previous night. Preparation of bovine gelatine is simple. At night before going to bed about 5 grammes (two flat teaspoons) should be included and dissolved in 50 ml of water and leave at room temperature until morning.

At the morning, the content from the water and bovine gelatine will be thick in the form of jelly and should be eaten. The procedure should be repeated 30 days, in the same way, every morning.

If the taste is unpleasant, instead of water, you can use juice or yoghurt. This mixture gives a pleasant taste and efficacy of bovine gelatine will be the same. In the market can be found bovine gelatine with a fruit aroma.

When you finish this treatment of 30 days, make a break of six months, and then, if necessary, you can repeat the procedure of treatment with bovine gelatine.

In the period by treatment with bovine gelatine can quite safely use the medication or other therapy (physical, if you provided). The first results and effects of treatment with bovine gelatine are observed after the first week, the general condition improved connective tissue, better joint mobility and reduced levels of pain in the joints.

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